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What we do and why we do it

3D will assist customers worldwide to order the right fit for size related products online. How we do it? With our algorithms we are able to recognise all types of individual input: 3D scans, a set of photos or manual, hand measured input. In return you'll see yourself 3D in an online environment with all measurements available. With manufacturers of apparel (wearables & clothing) and all kinds of size related products/brands (helmets, glasses, boots) we develop access to our platform. In realtime you get the advice with the best fit for any type of product you want to buy, based on a real 3D match. For now we have a sound reason to focus on research & development since we've noticed some serious over-promise and under-deliver in this emerging market.

Size related (online) shopping becomes easy!

About us

Joost Alferink

Joost Alferink

Co-founder. Since graduating in 1989, Joost has been working in concept development, product design and design consultancy. The overall designers ambition to create more 'stuff' has been replaced by his ambition to create better services. The archaic way of sizing and fitting in todays market has been an 'irritation' to his 3D mentality and expertise. Late 2013 marked the moment for the official start of The initial idea originated in 2010.
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Roderick Muller

Roderick Muller

Co-founder. With more than 20 years of experience in the fashion industry and entrepreneurship Roderick is the driving force in getting the concept to the market. Wondering why new sizing and fitting systems never occurred in the traditional arena of fashion, Roderick decided to use his strong believe in new technologies and services to make 3Daboutme the best platform for both consumer and industry.
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